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lone ranger

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lessons from Ironman Training

I recently looked back to the first blog that I wrote "Hey Look I have a Blog" the Top 10 reasons someone may sign up for an Ironman. This got me thinking about some of things I've learned while training for an Ironman.  I was originally going for 10 and it just grew from there. I could probably include many more and of course many more pictures, but I had to stop somewhere and bedtime was calling!

1. IM is a very personal journey with many different methods to get to the start line.  In order to focus on specific goals much of the training for me was done by myself, making it a lonely process.  But I also learned that much of the time I enjoy getting the work done by myself. You can only convince your friends to join for  so many tempo this tempo that swim/bike/run workouts. #GTWD

Many many solo bike rides down Rocky River Rd headed out of Davidson.

2.  But having a great group of friends that support you throughout the entire process and join you when they can is absolutely invaluable.

I could not have done this without each of you!!

3.  A powermeter is a great resource. It will not instantly make you fast. It will tell the absolute truth about your bike fitness. Use it correctly and it will hopefully save your run.  It will also contribute to the lonely bike rides because suddenly nothing in the world is more important that riding YOUR watts! Reference Powermeters have ruined bikes by James Haycraft.

4.  It may have taken awhile, but The HB and I can actually ride together and make it home still speaking to one another.  I'm so lucky to have his 100% support through this process!

We (or I) finally enjoy riding together!

5.  I am a control freak.  I finally admit it.  That's the first step right? But I do think it's getting better. 

6.  If I worked hard enough I could probably be a good swimmer.  But....I guess that goes for anything, if I worked hard enough I could probably be a good cyclist too.  The question is, how badly do you want it?

I've hopefully come a long way since this picture exactly 51 weeks ago.

7.  6+ hours on a bike seat will never be comfortable no matter what saddle you have.  And no amount of chamois butter is too much.

8.  Having the right coach is crucial. But there will be days when you hate your coach and days when you love your coach.

Today...I love you James Haycraft.  Last weekend...maybe not so much. 

9.  You will absolutely learn your weaknesses....physically, mentally, emotionally.  Let's just hope I've learned something from them.

10.  The smell of chlorine will haunt you ALL. DAY. LONG.

Never thought I'd miss my pool so much when it closed for 5+ weeks!

11.  At some point you will become a hypocondriac convincing yourself that you have cancer, a stress fracture, a pulled muscle, anemia, a tumor, IBS and restless leg syndrome.  (This one's for Ashley & Tara, not me) Currently the guy with the blood disorder and too much iron thinks he's anemic. 😊

12.  Ride behind one of your bff's long enough and she may blow a snot rocket in your face.

I still can't believe that happened.

13.  I actually look forward to running because it means I'm not on my bike!  I even miss my afternoon solo runs in 90+ degree heat when I'm on my bike.

Running in 90+ degree heat is now totally normal.

14.  This is a great sport if you like to eat. You'll eat until you want to barf and then an hour later you'll eat some more.  No food is off limits.

15.  You'll realize that you'll never swim as fast as the 8 year old that just kicked your ass in the lane next to you. And swimming at 5am is perfectly normal.

16.  Apparently 140.6 miles isn't far enough.

What's an extra 4 miles on the bike? No Big Deal.

17.  I have developed an iron stomach for running.  Let's hope it pays off on race day.

18.  I typically enjoy dogs more than I enjoy most people.  However, on my bike I dislike dogs very very much.

Iron Chloe!

19.  Rain will chill you to the bone, the sun will cook you alive, the wind is the devil.

Soaking wet, freezing cold on the CHOO course in May. 

20.  I hate trucks.  This isn't really a new revelation...but my hatred for trucks, especially trucks with trailers, while on my bike is now worse than ever before.

21.  There may be tears at some point on a 100 mile bike ride.

The firemen in the background thought we were crazy.

22.  I really like Red Bull.  

23.  You may yell at your friends in the pouring rain, but if they're good enough friends they'll still love you anyway.  Or to quote Tristan: "Temper trantrums, irrational behavior and bad moods are an occupational hazard of training. People around you just have to deal it! If they just feed you, everything is ok!"

Thanks for putting up with me TVV!

24.  I still sleep less than my husband even though I'm the one training for an IM.

Seriously sleeps more than anyone I know.

25.  Absolutely positively do not sign up for an Ironman if you do not LOVE riding your bike.

1st day with my new bike.  I was so excited!

26.  I am capable of more than I ever thought possible! And I'm probably just beginning to tap into my true potential. 

Going fast at the speedway.

27.  The year spent training will fly by and before you know it the fun of training is over and it's almost race week!

I truly can't believe how fast the time has gone!

28.  Just like the final thought for that 1st blog....You STILL have to be half CRAZY to do this!!

We're both a little crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Race week is here! Thursday we head to Chattanooga! 
Ready to DO THE CHOO!!!

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